Laundry Tips you can use!

I don't know about you, but we've been doing laundry a longggggggg time!  During this time, we've learned lots of lessons that we want to pass along to you.

First of all, you need to know your clothing care symbols...


Once you have those down, you can use these tips to save you time, money and headaches!

  1. Select the right detergent - You've likely been brought up to go straight for the cheapest detergent, which may not always be the best idea, but you certainly don't need the most expensive one either!  In fact, throw price out the window, as that should not be your deciding factor.  Keep in mind that powdered detergents are good for general loads and are usually less expensive, but they don't always dissolve correctly in cold water and could leave an unwanted residue.  Liquid detergents usually contain enzymes and are good for pretreating most stains.  Single dose tablets or pods are convenient and easy to use and they prevent overdosing but be sure to check the price per load if you're on a tight budget.
  2. Select the right water temperature - Cold water works well for delicate fabrics, items that might shrink and sensitive colors that could bleed.  Cold water also saves you money by reducing the cost of utilities.  Use warm water when you have moderately soiled clothing and/or if you have man-made fabrics.
  3. Use less detergent - Most people simply use way too much detergent. Believe it or not, excessive detergent can create so many suds that they trap soil allowing it to redeposit on clothes. We suggest sing one-half less than the recommended amount and see if you are pleased with the results. You just may find that your clothes will look better and you'll be saving money along the way.
  4. Keep your whites bright - When whites start turning gray or yellow, it may be because you are using water temperatures that are too low. On the other hand, you may be overloading your washing machine and piling in really dirty clothes that cause dirt to resettle on mildly soiled clothes making them dull.
  5. Handle your delicates with care - To make bras and delicate undergarments hold their shape and last longer,it may be best to wash them by hand in a sink filled with cool water.  If you want to use the washer, we suggest tossing your bras in a mesh lingerie bag and use the delicate cycle.
  6. Catch your stains as quick as you can - The key to successful stain removal is to act as fast as you can!  Rinse or soak the garment in cold water, apply a stain remover and get it into the washer as soon as possible after stains occur.  If the stain is still there, never put the garment in the dryer. Use a stain remover and rewash.
  7. Reduce fading - Clothes are expensive and fading can cause them to look worn out very quickly. By turning dark-colored clothes inside out before washing you can avoid abrasion and wear to fabric surfaced that cause dull appearances.
  8. Reduce wrinkles - Use a fabric softener or dryer sheet to help reduce fabric wrinkles and select the lowest dryer temperature setting possible that will still get the job done. Always remove clothing from the dryer as quickly as possible when dry and immediately fold or hang.
  9. Avoid bleeding colors - To find out if something is colorfast before you wash it, wet a cotton swab and rub it on an inside corner or seam and see if the dye transfers to the swab. If it does, hand wash the item separately.  Always sort your clothes properly (separate whites and lights from colors) to prevent colors from bleeding onto unsuspecting fabrics.
  10. Avoid shrinking and stretching - Clothing shrinks and stretches for a number of reasons such as the clothing fiber content, type of weave and how you wash or clean them.  One of the best ways to avoid shrinking and stretching in clothing is to use a cold water setting, avoid too much agitation and a hot clothes dryer.